If you are an existing Franchise owner looking for a Franchisees, then this is for you! FranOvia’s Portal offers a comprehensive directory of franchise and business opportunities dedicated to the online space. We work with regional and international brands representing all business sectors making our portal a one-stop-shop for Franchise/Business information and Investment.

Why advertise in FranOvia’s Franchise Finder?

We follow a standard Business Sale Process to Market a franchise:

  • Our own franchise database: We can approach 18,000+ Global Franchise Investors + 50,000 interested business owners registered.
  • Our portal makes it possible to target a wider market locally, regionally & internationally with the market-leading business transfer websites. In all, we will commit to placing over $3000 worth of online media advertising to Franchise your business through our marketing affiliates.
  • Direct Approaches: We profile potential buyers from other businesses and make direct approaches.
  • Professional Franchise Publicity: Designed by experienced business brokers in conjunction with our graphic designers your business advert will look the best that it can.
  • Social Media: Our own social media channels on Twitter and Facebook reach thousands of potential buyers and is a proven route to help you to sell an existing franchise

Your online presence is what people see and know at your absence. Setting yourself apart from the competition reaches your Brand to a wider market.

It can take time to market any franchise, some sell very quickly some take a while and there are a lot of variables. Factors including the availability of finance, market trends and of course your flexibility with regard to price all count. As does how the deal is structured on earn-outs and post-sale assistance.

Your business marketing for a reasonable cost, followed by the industry’s lowest success only commission when we sign you a franchisee.